Producer Recruitment

The Rowe Farms™ principle centers around local Ontario family farms.

On Farm Audits

All farms that produce for the Rowe Farms™ program are audited five times per year (one internal audit per calendar quarter and one annual external or third party audit) to ensure that the farmers remain committed to the Rowe Farms’™ strict environmental, nutritional and animal welfare protocols. Farms producing for Rowe Farms™ also have to provide signed affidavits.


Rowe Farms™ animals are processed at HACCP certified Federal and Provincial processors following strict segregation and handling policies.

Labelling Governance

True Foods™ acts as a liaison for Rowe Farms™ to communicate with the CFIA and keep abreast of changing label regulation requirements across the species. With this governance, Rowe Farms’™ products can then confidently display label claims on their packaging without the worry of controversy.


Rowe Farms™ operates its own retail locations in and around the GTA, as well as selling into other grocery chains (such as Fortinos) and throughout the food service industry.


Instilled with confidence that the True Foods™ that they are purchasing are meeting their demands and desires, consumers enjoy the consistent taste and flavour across the proteins with family and friends; while feeling good about their choice to support locally grown food that was “raised with a conscience”.

Verified Rowe Farms

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