Rowe Farms
Frequently Asked Questions

What premiums are paid to Rowe Farms™ farmers?

Economic viability for Rowe Farms™ farmers is of critical importance. Rowe Farms™ works in close partnership with farmers to understand the cost of production for their specific farms. With this in mind we work on providing pricing that is consistent and allows farmers to run a sustainable farming operation with the security of knowing what pricing Rowe Farms™ will pay. With this model Rowe Farms™ hopes that more local Ontario family farmers will remain on their land and will provide future generations with a viable business model.

How is it guaranteed that Rowe Farms™ animals are raised in accordance with your principles?

True Foods™, as a governance company, ensures farmers are dedicated to conscientious farming principles. In order to guarantee farmers’ commitment to the Rowe Farms™ model there is a stringent inspection and audit process including:
• 4 annual Rowe Farms™ on-farm inspections
• Annual third party or external on-farm audit
• Farmer signed affidavits covering animals sold to Rowe Farms™
• CFIA approval of method of production and label claims

How does Rowe Farms™ ensure program animals do not become contaminated with conventional ones?

Rowe Farms™ animals are processed first thing in the morning and only on clean tables so there is no cross contamination with other animals. One major advantage to using CFIA facilities are their tracking and control processes that ensure we receive ONLY our animals back from the abattoir. Each processing facility Rowe Farms™ works with has strict segregation protocol policies in place.

Are Rowe Farms™ meats certified organic?

No, they are not. The biggest difference between conscientiously farmed and organic is the requirement of certified organic animal feeds. Organic feeds are significantly more expensive than non-organic feeds and sometimes difficult to source locally. This has a large impact on the total cost of production and the affordability of healthier options for many consumers. Organic regulations in Canada also allow for the use of therapeutic antibiotics, which is strictly prohibited under the Rowe Farms™ protocol.

Does Rowe Farms™ offer GMO-free options?

At this time Rowe Farms™ offers a GMO-free lamb and grass-fed beef option.

Why doesn’t all Rowe Farms™ labeling indicate no growth hormones? does that mean hormones are added to rowe chicken and pork?

None of the animals raised for Rowe Farms™ have been given growth hormones. Rowe Farms’ products are produced in CFIA approved facilities so we must comply with CFIA labeling protocols. The CFIA prohibits the use of growth hormones in pork and poultry production in Canada so all chicken and pork in Canada is free of growth hormones.

Are Rowe Farms™ pigs raised in gestation crates?

In conventional farming models, sows are restricted in gestation crates when pregnant. Rowe Farms™ strictly prohibits the use of gestation crates and tethering of sows.