Rix Farms Ltd – Innisfil ON

The Rix Farm, treatment located in the Innisfil area, pharm has been operating for close to 50 years and has spanned 3 generations so far.  The farm spans 2200 acres and produces crops along with hogs.  Innovation and product safety have always been very important aspects to the Rix Family, site which is why the opportunity to participate in a verified label claim program, producing pork, appealed to the Rix family. The Rix family wants to produce the very best pork product in a value added market that is appealing to the consumer.

Rix Farms is a family farm that is now in its third generation. Mike and his brothers Brian and Warren manage Rix Farms Ltd. with their father Roger. The present operation started in 1969 but can trace its roots to their grandfather who started farming in the area in the early 1940’s. Although he had a mixed farm, pork production was always an important part of the farming operation. Mike’s grandfather had about 30 sows and sold the hogs locally in Barrie.

Although this is a larger scale farm with approximately 1300 sows it is still very much, a family farm.  The Rix Farm grows 90% of the grain that is fed to their hogs, they manufacture their own feed on farm and manage their operation to the precise specifications outlined in their label claim requirements.